Painting the inside of your home is one of the most impactful home upgrades you can do yourself. Fresh color makes your walls look new and transforms the room. To get the best results, use these tips to paint like a pro.

1. Paint During Dry Weather

The paint will dry much faster on a clear day compared to when the weather is humid and rainy. Painting on a humid day means you’ll have to wait longer to apply the second coat.

2. Do a Visual Inspection to Paint Like a Pro

Before you begin painting, examine the walls to make sure the surface is free from flaking, nail holes, cracks, and peeling paint. If necessary, fill holes and cracks with a spackle compound. Sand the walls once it dries so you have a smooth surface for painting. Make sure the wall is clean with no greasy spots or specks of dust because these will affect your paint coverage.

3. Use High-Quality Tools

When shopping for supplies, purchase the best brushes, paint rollers, and masking tape. Quality brushes allow you to apply the product smoothly and without streaks. You’ll get better coverage and the project will require less paint, saving you money.

4. Mask Surfaces to Paint Like a Pro

Before you start painting, cover surfaces including furniture, hardware, doorknobs, window sills, and floors. Mask areas of the room that won’t be painted to protect them from splatters and spills. Plastic sandwich bags can be used to protect doorknobs if you don’t plan to remove them. Purchase drop cloths to cover the floor and the furniture in the room.

5. Box the Paint

If you haven’t painted before, it may be tough to estimate the amount of paint you’ll need. Measure the dimensions of the room and talk to the paint specialist at your local home improvement store. They will help you determine the number of gallons to buy for your space. They can also recommend the right type of paint for your walls.

After purchasing the paint, mix the gallons together into a large bucket. This is called “boxing” the paint and helps ensure that you have a uniform color for the walls.

6. Paint from Top to Bottom

After masking the room, start painting with a brush in the corners, at the top (ceiling), and at the bottom (baseboards). Next, use your paint roller to apply color from the ceiling and work your way down. When the wall is covered, allow it to dry completely before applying your second coat of paint to guarantee full coverage.

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