You may assume that you don’t need a new construction inspection because you had your house built according to your specifications. At first thought, this evaluation may seem like a waste of money and time. However, a home inspection on new construction is still necessary before you move into the house. The inspection provides essential insights into the quality of the house’s construction. You may discover and rectify issues early, which saves a lot of money and frustration in the long run.

What is a Home Inspection on New Construction?

A new construction inspection is a third-party analysis of the home’s systems, structure, and other features. The inspector gives a final report before you move into the property. With documentation of the home’s condition, you can request that the builder address flaws before closing on the home.

Types of New Construction Inspections

There are several phases of inspections that you can order for a newly constructed home:

  1. Pre-Concrete Pour: This evaluation happens just before the construction crew pours the foundation. You’ll confirm whether they graded and excavated the site properly and inspect the footing and anchors.
  2. Framing Inspection: This evaluation happens after the construction crew builds the frame. The inspector checks the structural integrity of studs, posts, beams, and other components. The plumbing pipes and electrical wires will also be inspected before the drywall goes in.
  3. Final inspection: This inspection occurs before the final walkthrough with your builder. It is the same as a home inspection on a pre-owned home.

Why Have a Home Inspection on New Construction?

While a municipal inspector is required to check for code compliance in order to issue a certificate of occupancy, a home inspector will provide a more thorough assessment. A government inspection is brief and only looks for the bare minimum in standards. A home inspector will provide a complete inspection of all aspects of the home.

You’ve made a big investment to have a home built from the ground up. Make sure you are getting what you’ve paid for by ordering a new construction inspection before closing. Otherwise, defects from construction could exist that cause serious problems down the road, costing you a lot of money.

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