Building a new home is exciting, but it’s important to understand construction issues can occur. From plumbing problems to structural defects, there are a variety of concerns in many newly-constructed homes. Understanding these pitfalls helps you ensure your dream home meets the standards you expect from a newly built property. Here are a few defects found in new construction homes.

1. Defects Found in New Construction: Plumbing Issues

Poorly installed or defective plumbing is common in newly built homes. Plumbing problems may include the following:

  • Leaking pipes is a common problem in new homes, caused by poorly installed or improperly sealed pipes.
  • Clogged drains can occur in a newly built house due to construction debris or excess materials left in the pipes.
  • Water pressure issues can indicate problems with the plumbing system, such as inadequate pipe sizing or incorrect installation.
  • Faucet and fixture leaks can occur if not properly installed or sealed.

2. Structural Defects

Structural issues are problems that arise with the fundamental framework or foundation of a building. Even in newly constructed homes, there is still a potential for structural issues to exist. Some common issues that may be found include improper construction of the foundation or footings, inadequate support beams, sagging or uneven floors, poorly installed roofing systems, and faulty framing. These issues may be due to poor construction practices or the use of substandard building materials.

3. Poor Insulation

Poorly insulated homes contribute to increased energy costs and difficulty keeping the living spaces comfortable. Have a professional inspect the home’s insulation for gaps or holes, which can lead to air leaks and decreased energy efficiency. You can schedule an energy audit after you move in, but it’s better to hire a professional inspector to check insulation before construction is finished so the contractor can address issues.

4. New Construction Defects: Electrical Problems

Even with modern wiring and the latest electrical components, there is always a risk of electrical problems. New construction homes can be prone to a variety of electrical problems. One common issue is that the electrical system may not have been properly installed during construction. This can lead to wiring problems, such as loose connections or improper grounding, that can cause electrical failures, tripped breakers, or even electrical fires. Another potential issue is that the electrical system may not be sufficient for the needs of the home, which can lead to overloaded circuits and tripped breakers.

5. Exterior Issues

Exterior issues range from improperly installed windows and doors to defective siding and roofing. Make sure that all exterior elements have been correctly installed by ordering a new construction home inspection. A qualified inspector will find concerns so the builder can address them, ensuring your home is properly protected from the elements.

6. HVAC System Issues

Your HVAC system should be checked for issues before the home is finished. One common issue with HVAC systems in new construction homes is improper installation. This can result in poor airflow, insufficient heating or cooling, and increased energy consumption. Another issue is using undersized or oversized HVAC units, which can lead to system inefficiencies and increased wear and tear.

Understanding these common construction defects can help you feel more prepared when building your dream home. Have all of the above systems and elements inspected by a professional before closing on the house so issues are addressed quickly and correctly.

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