When obtaining homeowners insurance on an older home, the provider may request a 4 point inspection report. A 4 point inspection is an abbreviated home inspection that only evaluates 4 components of a house. Insurance companies are most concerned with these components because of their potential for damage if they malfunction.

A 4 Point Inspection Includes the Plumbing System

Water damage can be devastating to a home. Plumbing leaks lead to water intrusion, which can cause major structural damage. The inspector will check the plumbing system, noting the material and condition of the pipes and testing the appliances. Some companies won’t provide water damage coverage for houses with certain types of plumbing pipes because the risk is too high.


The HVAC system is one of the most expensive parts of a home to replace. Air conditioning helps to prevent mold and keeps building materials from warping. A faulty heating system can pose a threat of fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. These are the reasons that the HVAC system is included in a 4 point inspection. Some insurance providers require that there’s a working HVAC system in the house before they’ll provide coverage.


While electricity is necessary for modern conveniences, a deteriorating or improperly installed electrical system poses a danger to the structure and anyone living there. Aluminum wiring, which was commonly used in the 50s and 60s, is now known to become oxidized, which loosens its connections and creates a fire hazard. Insurance companies are less likely to provide fire coverage for a home with aluminum wiring. The inspector will check the wires, the power panel, and the grounding.

The Roof is Inspected in a 4 Point Inspection

The roof protects all the other home components and your belongings from the elements. If the roof fails, expensive damage can ruin possessions and various parts of the house. Your insurance company wants to avoid this scenario, which is why they require an evaluation of the roof’s condition and age.

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